Nbr 11 Topic Driving
Points10 Robots1
Setup 5 min.Game 5 min.
  • Skill-Description
    • Driving the robot in 2 different field-squares with a defined orientation and move back to start position. The robot should hold its position in the square for at least 5 seconds.
      At the start of the setup-phase, the squares and alignments of the positions to be approached are communicated to the team
  • Skill-Example
  • Fulfilled
    • If the Robot positionned (square and orientation) it self on the two position from the startpoint and get back to the endpoint within the 5 minuten. Manual interaction only permitted in setup phase and maintance.
  • Additional Information
    • First position in the zone S12 to S53, second position in the zone S14 to S55
      36 szenarios are prepared, they are choosen by throwing two times a dice
      One maintenance permitted
  • Used material
    • Gaming field
    • 36 scenarios (Nbr 11)
    • 1 dice
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