Nbr 31 Topic Detecting Points 10 Robots 1 Setup 5 min. Game 2 min. Skill-Description The robot can detect a row of 12 tags (station, input output side and colour) in a randomised order. The order is only known by the referee. The teams have no direct view on the tag. The results must be stored in and list (shown in example) so that the referee can control it. The tag change is announced by “change” by the team Skill-Example

Nbr Name In/Out? Color

1 RS1 Out Cy 2 BS In Cy 3 RS2 Out Mg 4 BS Out Mg 5 DS In Mg 6 DS Out Cy 7 RS2 In Mg 8 CS1 In Cy 9 CS2 Out Cy 10 SS In Cy 11 CS1 Out Cy 12 SS Out Cy

Fulfilled If the list is complet with the right 3 indications per tag in the max 2 minutes. Additional Information Distance robot to 2m right-angled 36 szenarios are prepared, they are choosen by throwing two times a dice No maintenance permitted Used material (Gaming field) 36 scenarios (Nbr 31) 1 dice (1 station (dummy, 70cm x 35cm x 78cm, white painted)) AR-Tags (on the station)

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