Nbr 53 Topic Communication Points 50 Robots 1 Setup 2 min. Game 5 min. Skill-Description Establish an encrypted connection to the Refbox, receive the Message MachineInfo? i.e. position data of the plants and display them in a list (shown in example) so that the referee can control and compare it to the Refbox. Skill-Example

Station Cyan Square Angle Station Magenta Square Angle BS Z9 0° BS Z21 180° DS Z4 45° DS Z16 225° RS1 Z17 0° RS1 Z5 180° RS2 Z8 90° RS2 Z20 270° CS1 Z23 90° CS1 Z11 270° SS Z6 225° SS Z18 45°

Fulfilled If the list is complet with the right 2 indications per station in the max 5 minutes. Additional Information No maintenance Used material RefBox?

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