Nbr 63 Topic All over Points 160 Robots 1 Setup 5 min. Game 5 min. Skill-Description Get a product and deliver it to another station After connect to Refbox, the team gets the information to produce. They have to communicate just like LL. On the first station (positioning information from Refbox) they have to pickup a product C3 and bring it to delivery-station (positioning information from Refbox). Skill-Example Fulfilled If the C3 Product has been picked up at one station and taken to the other station within the 5 minutes. Additional Information First position in the zone S12 to S53, second position in the zone S14 to S55 One maintenance permitted Used material Gaming field 2 stations (dummy, 70cm x 35cm x 78cm, white painted) 2 conveyor (dummy) 1 C3 product AR-Tags on the station RefBox? small (adapted)

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