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BabyTigers - R

Team Description 2012

  • Our team's name
    • BabyTigers - R
  • Our teams university/institute
    • Ryukoku University
  • Our team members
    • Team Leader: Dr. Wataru Uemura
    • Doctor course student: Mr. Kuniyoshi Okuda
    • Master course student: Mr. Shohei Oda
    • bachelor course students: Mr. Yusuke Uesato, Mr. Takeshi Sugiura, Mr. Kuniki Fukui
  • Our team's history
    • The first participation of our team was !RoboCup2011 Festo Logistics League at Istanbul. Our team founded in May 2011. So we had to make programs in only two months for RoboCup.
  • our reasons to participate in Logistics League sponsored by Festo
    • We love RoboCup! And our happiness is to challenge to novel topics.
  • our knowledge and experience regarding Robotino®, RoboCup, ...
    • From 1998 to 2004, the BabyTigers of Osaka University participated in SONY Legged Robot League. And from 2005 to 2010, the BabyTigers-DASH of Osaka City University participated in 4-Legged Robot League. At 2008, 4-Legged Robot League renamed to Nao League (Standard Platform League).

So our team spirits are based on AIBO and SPL that aim to compete with identical robots.

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