Nbr 61 Topic Driving/ Positioning / Detection Points 100 Robots 1 Setup 2 min. Game 5 min. Skill-Description Positioning the robot in front (Input-Side) of two stations with e distance from 5-10cm and centred +/- 5cm and move back to start position. The robot should hold its positions in front of the stations for at least 10 seconds. The order doesn’t matter. At the start of the setup-phase, the squares and alignments of the station to be approached is not communicated to the team. Skill-Example Fulfilled If the Robot positionned (in relation to the station) it self from the startpoint and get back to the endpoint within the 5 minuten. Manual interaction only permitted in setup phase and maintance. Additional Information Position of station in the zone S13 to S55 36 szenarios are prepared, they are choosen by throwing two times a dice One maintenance permitted Used material Gaming field 36 scenarios (Nbr 61) 1 dice 2 stations (dummy, 70cm x 35cm x 78cm, white painted) AR-Tags on the station

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