ロボカップジャパンオープン2024 ロジスティクスリーグ : RoboCup JapanOpen 2024 Logistics League

ロボカップジャパンオープン2024: RoboCup JapanOpen 2024

大会概要: Abstract

ライブ配信: Live stream

情報: Information

参加チーム: Teams Information

  • IND01: 龍谷大学 BabyTigers - R
  • IND02: 奈良県立奈良商工高等学校 NaraSuzaku?
  • IND03: 三重県立四日市工業高等学校 WhiteLobster?
  • IND04: モンクット王工科大学ラートクラバン校(King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)RAI KMITL

競技内容: Competition

  • 競技形式: Games Style
  • 表彰: Award
    • depended on the number of teams.

ルール: Rule

  • ルールは,こちら(編集中)です.

    Rulebook is here (under edit).

結果: Results

  • 1st-place: !RAI KMITL (IND04)
  • 2nd-place: BabyTigers-R (IND01)
Team NavigationExplorationGraspingProductExploration + ProductionSimulatorMarkerlessTotal
IND0115 0 15
IND02 0
IND03 0
IND0418+568 15+557

スケジュール: Schedule

  • 4月26日(金):April 26th(Friday)
    • リーグセットアップ: League Setup
  • 4月27日(土):April 27th(Saturday)
    • 開会式: Opening Ceremony
    • チームセットアップ: Team Setup
  • 4月28日(日):April 28th(Saturday)
    • 競技日: Competition Day
  • 4月29日(月):April 29th(Monday)
    • 競技日: Competition Day
    • 表彰式: Award Ceremony
    • 閉会式: Closing Ceremony

タイムスロット: Time slots

DaySlotsCompetition fieldTesting field
April 26th9:00-9:30Field setupField setup
9:30-10:00Field setupField setup
10:00-10:30Field setupField setup
10:30-11:00Field setupField setup
11:00-11:30Field setupField setup
11:30-12:00Field setupField setup
12:00-12:30Lunch breakLunch break
12:30-13:00Lunch breakLunch break
13:00-13:30Field setupField setup
13:30-14:00Field setupField setup
14:00-14:30Field setupField setup
14:30-15:00Field setupField setup
15:00-15:30Field setupField setup
15:30-16:00Field setupField setup
16:00-16:30Field setupField setup
16:30-17:00Field setupField setup

DaySlotsCompetition fieldTesting field
April 27th9:00-9:30Team setupTeam setup
9:30-10:00Team setupTeam setup
10:00-10:30Team setupTeam setup
10:30-11:00Team setupTeam setup
11:00-11:30Team setupTeam setup
11:30-12:00Team setupTeam setup
12:00-12:30Lunch breakLunch break
12:30-13:00Lunch breakLunch break
13:00-13:30IND01: Navigation (4 known machines) Result: CanceledIND03:
13:30-14:00IND02: CanceledIND04:
14:00-14:30IND03: CanceledIND01:
14:30-15:00IND04: Navigation (4 unknown machines) Result: 18 points + 5 points = 23 points (Reached 12 zones + Fastest time)IND02:
15:00-15:30IND01: Grasping (1 machines) Result: CanceledIND03:
15:30-16:00IND02: CanceledIND04
16:00-16:30IND03: CanceledIND01:
16:30-17:00Spare slotSpare slot

DaySlotsCompetition fieldTesting field
April 28th9:00-9:30IND04: Exploration (2 machines) Result: CanceledIND02:
9:30-10:00IND01: Grasping (3 machines) Result: CanceledIND03:
11:00-11:30IND04: Exploration (4 machines) Result: 6 points (3 Machine zone and rotation reported correctly.)IND02:
11:30-12:00IND01: Grasping (2 machines) Result: CanceledIND03:
12:00-12:30Lunch breakLunch break
12:30-13:00Lunch breakLunch break
14:00-14:30IND04: Markerless Result: 15 points + 5 points = 20 points (Successful + Fastest time)IND02:
14:30-15:00IND01: Navigation (4 known machines) Result: CanceledIND03:
16:00-16:30IND04: Grasping (1 machines) Result: CanceledIND02:
16:30-17:00Spare slotSpare slot

DaySlotsCompetition fieldTesting field
April 29th9:00-9:30IND01: Navigation (4 known machines) Result: 15 points (Reached 12 zones)IND03:
9:30-10:00IND02: CanceledIND04:
10:00-10:30IND03: CanceledIND01:
10:30-11:00IND04: Grasping (1 machines) Result: 8 points (3 repetitions were successful)IND02:
11:00-11:30Spare slotSpare slot
11:30-12:00Spare slotSpare slot
12:00-12:30Lunch breakLunch break
12:30-13:00Lunch breakLunch break


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