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Technical Entry Challenge

Concept-Proposal for a rulebook for technical challenge to enter teams into logistic league

Basics of TEC TEC の概要

The TEC is a collection of tasks, so-called skills, which gives different number of points depending on difficulty and programming scope. The tasks are arranged in a matrix and cover five requirements of the RCLL. 4 crossover skills connect the competences with each other.
TECは, スキルと呼ばれるタスクの集合であり,難易度とプログラミングの範囲に応じて異なるポイントを与える. タスクは以下の表に示され,RCLLの5つの要件をカバーしている. 4つのクロスオーバースキルは5つの要件が互いに関係しているタスクである.

The TEC can be used for regional competitions.

Time Schedule for TEC TECの時間割

The TEC lasts over 3 days like the RCLL, also 2 setup days should be planned. One Timeslot for one skill should be 15 to 20 Minutes, including:

  • 5 minutes of setup
  • 5 minutes time for the skill
  • 5 to 10 minutes reserved time

Each team should have 3-5 timeslots per day in the first two days to work out points. After 2 days, the 4 best teams should play the finals the third day.

Skillsmatrix スキルの組み合わせ

The teams can select their skills from a matrix.

Level PointsTopic Topic Topic Topic Topic
3 50 Nbr 13Nbr 23Nbr 33Nbr 43Nbr 53
2 30 Nbr 12Nbr 22Nbr 32Nbr 42Nbr 52
1 10 Nbr 11Nbr 21Nbr 31Nbr 41Nbr 51

Crossover Challenges:


  • The skills area is about 5mx5m with 25 square zones 1mx1m, just like RCLL
  • Ideally, no boarders are used for the TC. If necessary, 2 boards of 1m each are installed in the corner area S11, S15, S55, S51.

Main Rules

  • Each team can choose the skill before the start (to define lead time)
  • The exact rule of each skill is defined in the skill description
  • If a skill has started, one maintenance per robot is possible (Like RCLL).
    • (メンテナンスが許可されていないスキルもある)
  • The tags used to recognize the stations are based on the tags of Roboview (AR tags, the “dll” exist)
  • A simple version of RefBox? will be used for TEC


  • A successfully completed skill cannot be repeated.
  • If 2 or more teams have the same number of points, then whoever has reached the highest level in an exercise wins, or if this is the same, whoever has more of higher levels wins.
  • If the robot leaves the game area (out of the border the skill is not fulfilled) = 0 points
  • If the robot touches an obstacle, for each obstacle -5 points.

Flexibility of different organisations

In order to hold an event, for example a preparation tournament, at least 3 topics with the 3 levels must be selected. It is not necessary to offer all topics as in the RC.

Skills- Definition (Proposal)

See Skills definition on separate sheets

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